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  • The Giants of the Sea… Almost Touchable!

    It looked like May 9th, 2017 was going to be a nice day in Tarifa: the sun was already shining in the morning and there was no breeze.

  • Back again in Tarifa

    After the long winter break we all returned to Tarifa and were waiting yearningly for the first encounter with the whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar.

  • Impressions of the Book ‘Herzenssache’

    Hurray!! The Book Is Out!

    There was a waiting silence in the White Hall of Volkshaus in Zürich on Saturday, November 19th, 2016… Glistening eyes, shy smile, restrained voice… Katharina Heyer was obviously moved by the massive turnout, when she welcomed her family and supporters of firmm to the presentation of her book ‘Herzenssache’ on the stage.

  • 19th firmm-meeting on the 25th of February

    This year the hall once again was filled. Every single seat was taken.

  • Impressions of the "Sea Protection Day" in Bremen, Germany on February 18th 2017

    At 10 o’clock in the morning Marco picks us up at our hotel and brings us to the University of Bremen. We are really grateful for that, as Katharina’s suitcase is packed full with books, folders, DVDs, postcards, quartets, mousepads and much more things that we brought from Switzerland.

  • Update: The torn cable and its consequences

    As reported by the regional Online-journal Tarifaaldia, an encounter between the operator of the torn undersea-cable REE, the mayor of Tarifa and the fishermen took place on the 27th of January 2017. There had been confirmed that during the incident on October 14th 2016 around 33 cubic metres of cooling agent leaked into the Strait of Gibraltar.


  • Underwater Cable torn – Danger for Marine Mammals in the Strait of Gibraltar


    At least one high voltage underwater-cable, that transports electricity through the Strait of Gibraltar from Tarifa to Fardioua, has torn just off the coast of Morocco. Inside this 27 km long cable there is highly poisonous "dielectric oil", which could have leaked.


  • The season 2016 — a retrospective view

    In 2016 Tarifa has shown its rough side.

  • Until next year-the perfect farewell tour

    On the 04th of November from the early morning on, great hustle and bustle broke out in our office in the port: After a very long break caused by Levante, the last tours for the season were scheduled.


  • Animals available for adoption in the summer of 2016

    We look back to many interesting sightings of our animals available for adoption.